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Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)
  • Policy Coverage – The scheme offers to provide you or your family a cover of up to Rs. 2 lacs in case of any mishappening, resulting into death or disability of the insured. In case of death or full disability, you or your family will get Rs. 2 lacs and in case of partial disability, you will get Rs. 1 lac. Full disability means loss of both eyes or both legs or both hands, whereas partial disability means loss of one eye or one leg or one hand.
  • Age of the Insured – Savings bank account holders aged between 18 years and 70 years are eligible to apply for this scheme. People aged more than 70 years will not be able to get the benefits of this scheme.
  • Premium Amount – It costs you just Rs. 12 in annual premium for having an accidental death or disability cover of Rs. 2 lacs under this scheme. It works out to be just Re. 1 a month, which is extraordinarily low. Again, your age has nothing to do with the premium payable for your insurance cover under this scheme as the premium is fixed at Rs. 12 for a cover of Rs. 2 lacs.
  • Period of Insurance – You will remain insured for a period of one year from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016. Next year onwards as well, the risk cover period will remain to be June 1 to May 31.
  • Auto Debit Facility – You will be required to provide your consent for auto debit of Rs. 12 as the annual premium from any one of your bank accounts at the time of enrolling for this scheme. This premium of Rs. 12 will get deducted from your savings bank account through auto debit facility every year between May 25 and June 1.
  • Toll-Free Numbers – 1800 110 001 / 1800 180 1111 – These two are the National Toll-Free Numbers for this scheme.
Application And Claim Forms of PMSBY
Application Form For PMSBY
Claim Form For PMSBY